Sunday, March 9, 2008

Elizabeth's Glitter and Glam Background

Elizabeth's glitter and glam background

concept, photos, and instructions by Elizabeth Kertz

project demoed by Theresa Pillow

Materials: Clear shelf lining, book covering, or any clear contact type paper; Scissors; Heat tool; Embossing powders (colors of your choice); Heat resistant surface;

1. Cut the clear contact paper to a manageable size.
2. Remove the protective backing, exposing the sticky side of the paper.
3. Place the contact paper on your heat resistant surface STICKY SIDEUP. You may have to weight it down, depending on how much the paperwants to curl.
4. Tap a small amount of your first embossing powder (EP) color invarious areas of the paper.
5. Repeat step four using a second color.
6. Repeat step four using as many colors as you choose, until the entire surface is covered with a THIN layer of embossing powder.
7. Using your heat tool, emboss the entire surface. Run your hand over the cooled project to be sure all the embossing powder has been heated. This is a very deceptive process and you will probably find you missed a few places.

Ruminations:This particular brand of clear covering was thin. Theresa was able to hold the heat tool close to the surface. I also have some clear covering that is quite thick and will bubble and melt if the heat tool is too close. Be sure to test your covering before you begin on your actual piece.

The thicker the EP is applied, the less transparent it is. If you continue adding EP to the project, it is best to do so after you have begun the embossing process, rather than at the beginning.

IF for some reason, you get a blob of EP on your page, gently tap the underneath (smooth) side to redistribute it. If you like the look of more EP in one spot, be sure your heat tool is far above the surface when you begin, or you will just blow the EP away.I cannot stress enough how you should run your hands over the cooled project. You may think you have melted all the EP, but therewill probably be some you have missed. The surface will feel smooth if the EP is completely heated and grainy if it isn't. Experiment with different colors, and use clear EP if you want to use the sheet as a foreground, rather than a background. This is an easy, beginner background.

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