Saturday, March 1, 2008

March Challenge - Emboss resist

This is a technique using Color Wash. Of course, you can put some radiant rain misters on at the end for a great shimmer.

You will need white cardstock or heavy paper, color wash in different colors, stamps, embossing pad, embossing powder in clear or gold, heat gun, water spray bottle, heat resist pad or wax paper, paper towels, tarp or something underneath the paper. You will also need gloves or whatever else you use if you don't want your hands to be stained.
1. Take the white card stock and stamp images randomly on it using embossing pad or clear pigment stamp pad. Put on embossing powder and heat until powder is raised. Let cool. You might want to do all the embossing at once before going on to the color wash part.
2. When you are ready for the color wash part, you will need something non-stick like a heat resist pad (for UTEE) or a piece of wax paper. Put that on top of a tarp or protect your table from the color wash leaking.
3. Spray some water on the heat resist pad about the size of the paper. It does not need to be a lot. A few spritzes will do. Randomly spray on the color wash. I usually do it in lines or in different spots. You do not want too much overlap or it will muddy.
4. Lay the card stock embossing side down on the color wash. Press down on all the areas of the paper so the color wash can absorb into the card stock. You may want to leave some white spots. I like small white spots. You lift off the heat resist pad to see if you need to get a specific area. Turn it over and put on newspaper or tarp to dry. If it has pooled, then you might want to take a paper towel and dab it. If you don't, then that area can get kinda dark. It is up to you what look you want.
5. You can spray some water on the remaining color wash on the heat resist pad and do step #4 over again. I do not do it more than twice because the color will start to muddy. When you are done with the second sheet, then clean up with a paper towel. You might want to just lay the paper towel on top, if you want to save the paper towel. It looks great if you spritz that with Radiant Rain.
6. Repeat step #4 until you are done. You may choose to spray some Radiant Rain mister on top.
7. Let dry completely. Wipe your heat resist pad down with some water and paper towel. I just toss the wax paper, if that is what I am using.

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