Saturday, March 1, 2008

March Challenge - dyeing paper towels

The secret to this technique is to use plain white VIVA paper towels. The end result is almost like fabric. I have sewn on this and it has held up well. This is a great technique for using foam stamps and acrylic paints on top later on. You can also do the stamp and shiva thing.
You will need white Viva paper towels, other paper towels for clean-up, color wash in several colors, margarine or larger size tubs for the color wash, pearl ex and/or Radiant Rain misters or powders, tarp or something for drying.
1. Take the color wash and put each color in its own container. Put in a little water. I usually use a ratio of 2 parts color wash to one part water. Add in a little pearl ex or Radiant rain.
2. Take the papaer towel and fold it several times. You may also just twist it from diagonal ends.
3. Dip different parts of the paper towel into the color wash, give it a moment to soak in the color.
4. Put the colored paper towel on top of another paper towel and use that to soak up the excess.
5. Untwist or unfold the paper towel and lay flat to dry.

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